Earth Tone Flute - White Tail Hawk - NASF in B (432 Hz), walnut*

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Earth Tone Flute- White Tail Hawk (Native American Style Flute), in b'-minor 432 Hz, pentatonic, walnut, length approx. 45 cm, diameter 3 cm, expandable to 6 holes, then diatonic, High Spirits
  • Tuning: b'-minor (432 Hz)
  • playable with 5 or 6 holes
  • Length approx. 45 cm, diameter 3 cm
  • In walnut, surface glossy, oiled
  • Incl. instruction booklet and DVD (engl.)

This Earth Tone flute - White Tail Hawk (Native American Style Flute) from the special series of "EarthTone © wooden flutes" by High Spirits is made of walnut. Inlays of small moonstones and engravings in the wood symbolize the circle of life and the tuning to the earth tone. The hard walnut wood (compared to cedar) gives it a bright, clear sound.

Note on 432 Hz tuning: Normally, most musical instruments are tuned so that the "A" note (the middle octave on a piano) is tuned to 440 Hz (Hz = cycles per second). This is known as the concert pitch and was established as the standard in the early 20th century. The "EarthTone © wooden flutes", on the other hand, use the slightly lower frequency of 432 Hz.

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