Native American Style Flute - Kestrel in E, Walnut

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Native American Style Flute Kestrel, in E minor, pentatonic, walnut, length approx. 38 cm, diameter 2,5 cm, expandable to 6 holes, then diatonic, High Spirits

  • Tuning: e''-minor
  • Playable with 5 or 6 holes
  • Length approx. 38 cm, diameter 2.5 cm
  • In walnut, surface glossy, oiled
  • Incl. instruction booklet and DVD (engl.)

This Native American Style Flute Kestrel, in high E is made of the fine wood of the walnut. Kestrel is the English name for kestrel, the bird fetish is symbolically designed according to the name.

The hard wood of walnut (compared to cedar) gives it a bright, clear sound. The flute can be played well together with the flute "Condor Bass in E", which is one octave lower. Its bright high soprano carries far and also sets off well audibly against percussion instruments or other loud instruments.

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