Diatonic Singing Bowl Set (440 Hz)

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Complete instrument of 8 singing bowls - finest quality

  • 8 selected singing bowls in diatonic sequence (440Hz)
  • Tones: c', d', e', f', g', a', b', c''
  • 2 mallets
  • non-slip pad
  • Material: 7 metals
  • Advantages: thin-walled for deepest possible tone
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These Singing Bowls have been tested, selected and compiled out of 1000s of bowls for tuning accuracy. These sets are always available in limited quantities. Twice a year there is a chance to get new sets.

Individually selected by our German partners from the respective delivery from Nepal and packed in sets, these Singing Bowls are subject to the strictest quality control in sound, shape and tuning accuracy.Thus we guarantee also here a special product. A deep tone is made possible by well-matched overtones, an easy response when rubbed and an extra thin-walled design.

They are always struck at the upper edge of the bowl. The bowl is rubbed on the outside, clockwise, standing on the bare hand. Speed and pressure are decisive for the appearance of the sound. Start slowly, with the thin end of the mallet fully enclosed in your fist and with sufficient pressure. If the sound buzzes, reduce speed. A bowl should always have at least three notes that can be differentiated from each other (from 500gr):

  • 1. struck only with the wood of the mallet, high tone (TKK-1/2/3)
  • 2. rubbed with a leather-wrapped mallet or the bare wood, medium pitch (TKKL-1/2/3)
  • 3. struck with a thick felt mallet, low pitch (BK-1a)

The bowls can be placed on the whole body. It is also possible to press them on certain parts of the body where they do not stand by themselves. In this case the bottom of the bowl is pressed gently against the part of the body with one finger (in case of larger bowls with the whole hand), because the bottom of the bowl itself does not vibrate.
Singing Bowls can be played percussively by turning them over so that the bottom is on top. Now you can play the bowls like gongs or drums with felt mallets when they are placed on a soft surface.

For all Singing Bowls we offer you the matching mallets and felt rings from our own production.

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