Concert Monochord MO-30K

Concert Monochord MO-30K

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Monochord and melody


  • Wood: frame - cherry, soundboard - ash
  • Strings: 20 overtone strings in c - 5 bass strings in C - 5 fifth strings in G
  • Size: 134 x 30 x 10 cm
  • Accessories: Incl. tuner, tuning key, replacement strings, 8 single bridges and a diatonic tuning template and 2 sticks for percussive santoori playing style
  • Biologically treated with hard wax oil
  • Made in Germany
  • Matching bags, feet and mallets available separately
  • worldwide courses and training
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The string arrangement is the same as on the Monolina - the sound is much deeper.

The fine, versatile sound of the Concert Monochord carries for a long time. The recurring waves of the Monochord create a sound carpet. The Koto with the single bridges gives melodic impulses to it, the fifth complements the Monochord with the tambura effect and played with sticks the Santoori adds to it. The interplay of the monochrome Monochord and the liveliness of the koto strings make fine meditative compositions possible.

The one-sided Concert Monochord is strung with 20 overtone strings, 5 bass strings and 5 fifth strings. It is suitable for accompanying meditation, singing or as a solo instrument.

The string on top of the single bridges can be plucked individually, or they can be played like a harp. Like a Koto, the strings can be pressed down on the non-tuned side after plucking, so that the tone increases its frequency or produces a vibrato. The tuning template provides a diatonic scale with 8 single bridges. The single bridges can be moved at will, even during playing, and a variety of other tunings can be set.


As a rhythm instrument

With mallets, chopsticks, felt or santoori mallets, it is great fun to rhythmically strike the strings.


Finest feeltone craftsmanship made of high quality materials, lovingly manufactured from the plank to the stringing in the northeast of Germany by the beautiful Baltic Sea and shipped all over the world.

Feet can be ordered separately on request: Art.-No.: MO-D


courses and training by feeltone launch


courses and training by feeltone

  • Learn a basic tool to play lightness and a variety of sound colours on our instruments and to express yourself intuitively.
  • Learn to incorporate the elements of nature, create specific moods, stimulate the flow of energy and the emotional body and hold a meditative space for clients and listeners.
  • All these techniques can be used in sound massage and group meditation, for sound and voice work or to support a variety of applications from acupuncture to music therapy.

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