Water Sound Bowl

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Water oracle from ancient times - Tao Bowl - magic

Water Sound Bowls are rubbed with moistened hands on the bright golden handles. With a little skill, the bowl starts to vibrate gently after a while. This vibration takes place mainly at the point where the water surface is and thus the water is set into a trembling. This trembling and vibrating starts gently, becomes stronger, ripples the water surface, makes waves... and later a bubbling that can splash up to the face.

  • Diameter: 39 cm
  • Material: metal
  • Colour: green / turquoise

Legend has it that the bowls were used to wash the face of the Chinese emperor, who was not allowed to touch anything. A footman had the task of making the bowl bubble and the emperor held his face over it. Another legend tells of the use of the bowls to consult the water oracle.

The Water Sound Bowl has quite a deep sound that is barely hearable.The bubbling can be strong. We sell the bowl with a rubber pad to make it more responsive when rubbed.

Tips: It helps to not want it. The more uptight we are, the less likely it will work. Wash your hands with soap beforehand, then rinse your hands well and rub the handles back and forth with your damp palms. From experience, children are better than adults at it, at first.

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