Baba Tong 10 Tones, Double F Minor Pentatonic

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Two playing surfaces - finger playing - full-bodied bass

Side by side playing surfaces: left side - deep bass, right side - 5 finger hand patterns. This invites the frame and finger drummer to melodious drumming on the imaginative shapes. Keep drumming on the beginning of the tounges to experience the full sound and fast dribbling.


  • 10 tones in F minor, pentatonic
  • Tone sequence: F - C - A - D - F - E - C - B - G - A
  • Wood: lids - padouk, body - cherry
  • Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Accessories: Incl. 2 mallets, bag and 2 foam feet
  • 2 playing surfaces
  • Biologically treated with hard wax oil
  • Made in Germany





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The 10-tone Baba Tong from feeltone is the only wooden Tongue Drum with 2 playing surfaces on the market. The fine work that has gone into it is extremely elaborate, the inner workings refined, the tongues finely tuned. The way it is played is hand-pleasing. The materials are made of the same high quality woods as their big siblings. We strive to use these precious woods, which the trees provide us with, as completely as possible. The Baba Tong comes with a bag and 2 foam feet, so the drum can also be played on the table.


How to play

The 10 tones tuned in F minor pentatonic can be played intuitively, so that a kind of random pattern/random melody is created when playing rhythmically, but you can also experiment with timbres. Playing patterns that please are repeated, from time to time a note breaks out and new fantasies of sound are explored. The well-balanced tongue pattern does not allow the scale to be recognized immediately, which facilitates intuitive playing.

The playing surface arrangement of the Baba Tong allows the player to take the instrument between his legs, where it rests securely. Each playing surface is played separately, but also together with the fingers sometimes here - sometimes there and overlapping. Finger playing usually takes place at the beginning of the tongues, only the two very long tongues are played a little further towards the tip- new sound, playing and rhythm patterns want to be discovered. With mallets you can simply strike or dribble rhythmically and clearly one after the other. That is to say, one lets the rubber ball of the mallet bounce onto the tongue, holding the shaft as if to stay on the tongue, the soft rubber ball will bounce back. If you now let the bouncing rubber ball glide over several tongues, fascinating sound patterns are created, which can be combined with the simple striking of the tongues.

The Baba Tong Tongue Drums with their special leaf pattern like to communicate with the oldest trees of the forest, their woods and crowns. Experience the cheerfulness, majesty and unifying essence of the forest that continuously brings us fresh oxygen in exchange for our breath. With the Baba and Tinka Tongs we have given the Tongue Drums a new joy of play, lightness and mobility. Almost all playing, melody and rhythm techniques can be used with the Tinka and Baba Tongs. With these light hand drums I, Ingo Böhme, have fulfilled my wish for Tongue Drums that sound softly and gently in combination with instruments, that are rather struck with the fingers, such as kalimbas, spacedrums or flutes.


Finest feeltone craftsmanship made of high quality materials, lovingly manufactured from plank to tuning in the northeast of Germany by the beautiful Baltic Sea and shipped all over the world.


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