Monolini, Monochord


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exkl MwSt.
Monolina Monochord


Regular price € 1.146,22
exkl MwSt.
Monolini, Traveller Set

Monolini - Traveler Set

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exkl MwSt.
Monolina Travellerset

Monolina Traveller Set

Regular price € 1.642,86
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Slotted drums

Tinka Tong 6 Töne, D-Moll Pentatonik

Tinka Tong 6 Tones, D Minor Pentatonic

Regular price € 184,03
exkl MwSt.
Tinka Tong 10 Töne, A-Moll Pentatonik

Tinka Tong 10 Tones, A Minor Pentatonic

Regular price € 288,24
exkl MwSt.
Baba Tong 10 Töne, Doppel F-Moll Pentatonik

Baba Tong 10 Tones, Double F Minor Pentatonic

Regular price € 575,63
exkl MwSt.
Sopran Schlitztommel , 8 Töne, F-Dur Pentatonik

Soprano-Tongue Drum, 8 tones, F major pentatonic

Regular price € 318,49
exkl MwSt.


Ritualtrommeln Rind, Gruppe

Ritual drums cow

Regular price € 255,46
exkl MwSt.
Ritualtrommeln Pferd, Gruppe

Ritual drums hourse

Regular price € 255,46
exkl MwSt.
große Powwow hoch, Ø 90cm

big Powwow tall, Ø 90cm

Regular price € 1.973,11
exkl MwSt.
kleine Powwow flach, Ø 65 cm

small Powwow flat, Ø 65 cm

Regular price € 1.231,93
exkl MwSt.

Premium monochord "Jasmin" in nature

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