Octave Monochord Table, complete offer for sound therapy

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Monochord - Singing Bowls - Music Therapy

Great for combining your favorite treatment bowls and the Monochord  - now if you add an awakening voice to it, it will be an unforgettable session.


  • Complete package including accessories:
    • Adapter with headrest and armrest
    • Slide-in table
    • Singing bowl rest
    • Stool with noiseless wheels
    • Padding
    • 5% discount compared to individual prices
  • Wood: frame - cherry or ash, soundboard - ash
  • Monochord range with 30 overtone strings in d and 30 bass strings in D
  • Overall dimensions: 204 cm (including handles) x 80 cm x 70cm (height)
  • Reclining area 196 cm x 80cm
  • Reclining height can be selected when ordering: 70 - 80 cm (standard 70cm)
  • Incl. feet, handles, tuner, tuning key and replacement strings
  • worldwide courses and training

This complete range, with its accessories (see below) is specially designed for music therapist use.

This allows you to incorporate the Octave Monochord Table into your work in a variety of ways.


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We have consistently developed our Octave Monochord Table over 10 years. With the intensive consultation and support of our instructor Martina Gläser-Böhme, who massages almost daily with the instrument, have we created an instrument that stands out incomparably in sound, form and functionality. The result is a construction that gently cradles the client in a slightly curved shell. His body weight has no influence on the tuning, because our Monochord Table is built so that the Monochord area is disconnected. The soundboard is curved in two directions, as is usual with good stringed instruments, which favors the fullness and resonance of the Monochord sound. A whole range of accessories can support each profession in their own way of working.

Octave Monochord Table: 30 blanc overtone strings in d in the center and 15 wound bass strings in D on either side.

The instrument can be turned around its axle for tuning, by loosening four handles. This facilitates the tuning work. With the strings up, the Monochord can also be played as an instrument. The sparse and restrained sound of the overtones is also ideal for all kinds of singing. The voice is virtually challenged to tune into the ocean of sounds to come into harmony with the client.


courses and training by feeltone launch


courses and training by feeltone

  • Learn a basic tool to play our instruments with ease and a variety of timbres and to express yourself intuitively.
  • Learn to incorporate the elements of nature, create specific moods, stimulate the flow of energy and the emotional body, and hold a meditative space for clients and listeners.
  • All these techniques can be used in a sound massage and group meditation, for sound and voice work, or to support a variety of applications from acupuncture to music therapy.

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The finest feeltone craftsmanship made from high quality materials, lovingly crafted from plank to stringing in northeast Germany by the beautiful Baltic Sea and shipped all over the world.

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