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The cheerfulness of bamboo - all 4 elements in a set

Four enchanting wind chimes, each one with 8 finely pentatonically tuned metal bars in a resonating cylinder made out of bamboo, wonderful to play together.


  • Four timbres: fire, earth, water, air
  • Material: laminated bamboo
  • Body length: 16,5 cm

The color in the logo marks the tuned element:

  • Red: fire - Ignis has the tuning g, b, d, g, b, d, g, a
  • Blue: Water - Aqua has the tuning a, d, f, g, a, d, f, a
  • Green: Earth - Terra has the tuning g, c, e, f, g, c, e, g
  • Yellow: Air - Aria has the tuning a, c, e, a, b, c, e, b


For active play:

Hold the wind chime by the top string and gently move it back and forth: the crystal clear, relaxing sound enchants. A breeze will also make it sound, but without becoming obtrusive. All four elemental tunings play and hang together well. Made in the French Pyrenees.

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