Jaw's Harp Large with Cover, Bass

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Drumming with mouth and tongue - big and deep in sound

traditional jaw's harp of the vietnamese mountain people Hmong


  • 13 cm long
  • Material: brass with fabric-wrapped wooden cover
  • Easy to play
  • For adults with deep bass
  • Finely handcrafted out of brass
  • Incl. instructions

The jaw's harp is handcrafted out of brass and impresses with its easy way of playing, its brilliant sound rich in overtones and a colourfully decorated cover. The jaw's harp of Dan Moi is simply placed with the tongue directly in front of the mouth, gently against the lips. By changing the position of the mouth, by moving the tongue and by blowing and sucking in air, the sound can be changed into a wide variety of sounds. With a little skill, even names or texts can be spoken into it. Very popular with speech therapists.

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