Octave Monochord, with Tambura MO-54T

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The Double Sided - 2 in 1


  • Wood: frame - cherry, soundboard - ash
  • Strung on both sides
  • Monochord with 30 bass strings in C and 20 overtone strings in c and a 4-string tambura in C, c, c, G
  • Size: 134 x 30 x 10 cm
  • Accessories: Incl. feet, propeller and matching handles, tuning key, tuner, replacement strings
  • Biologically treated with hard wax oil
  • Made in Germany
  • Matching bags and mallets seperately available
  • worldwide courses and training
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Two octaves of harmony with the addition of Indian tambura sound, a sound bath in itself. Invites voice and chanting.

The tambura enriches the monochrome sound of the Monochord with its fresh, very Indian whirring tones, which light up from time to time. The double sided octave Monochord MO-54T with tambura is, like the MO-60O, designed to be played in a vertical position, the high harmonics with the invigorating tambura on one side, the bass strings on the other. In this position the instrument is also very space-saving and a beauty in the living room. Of course, the MO-54T can also be played lying down, the distance to the floor is large enough for the hand to operate the lower level of the strings.

The full sound of the large Monochord carries for a long time and touches you through its richness of overtones of the two types of strings, the plain and the wound bass strings. The waves of the overtones are amplified by the sound of the tambura. Thus in upright playing the sound has a centering and balancing effect, and in horizontal playing the upper type of string (usually the one with the tambura) sounds dominant and is accompanied by the other, lower type of string.

The spherical and restrained sound of the overtones is perfectly suited for all kinds of singing. The Octave Monochord challenges the voice to tune into the ocean of sounds and to come into harmony.


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courses and training by feeltone

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  • Learn to incorporate the elements of nature, create specific moods, stimulate the flow of energy and the emotional body and hold a meditative space for clients and listeners.
  • All these techniques can be used in sound massage and group meditation, for sound and voice work or to support a variety of applications from acupuncture to music therapy.

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