Outdoor Dance String

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Dance the melody - Interactive dance guitar

Our dance string is designed for a musical partner play. One person strikes the dance string in a rhythm, the other changes their foot position on the string and "dances" the melody.

Construction and use:

A thick wire rope is stretched over a 10-foot hollow log so that you can dance and jump in the area of the free-swinging string. The string will not sound by itself, it must be struck by a second participant with mallets. The string is pressed down as if on a guitar neck, this shortens the string and changes the pitch. By changing the position where the foot is straight, a melody is produced. You can also mark the places where the individual notes are and rehearse whole songs and dance.

  • Can be stretched
  • Dimensions 300 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Wood: pine


Please be advised that with the sale, the risk of injury is transferred to the customer. The free-swinging, barely visible, string can be dangerous if children jump and scuffle around on it. Hanging or strangulation must be prevented at all costs, so please only use under vigilant supervision at all times. We can also build a cover when the dance string is unattended.


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