Outdoor Forest Xylophon, 10 tones, devided over three stands

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Play interactively together - Hearing is more than seeing

Here the players stand with their backs to each other and have to respond to what they hear from the other players. Can also be structured differently.

This massive, large, very sturdy Forest Xylophone made out of peeled robinia logs is built for permanent outdoor use. The special suspension and bearing of the notes allows for a clean, resonant sound that is subtle and powerful. Even if someone walks over the notes, the bars continue to sound. The included mallets are also sturdy and suitable for continuous outdoor use.

A special feature of this 10-tone Forest Xylophone is that the rods are devided over three stands which are buried in the ground so that the players have their backs to each other and can only hear, but not see each other.

The notes can be played in the middle, but also at the edge, at both places they sound powerful.

Suitable for: clinics, parkgrounds, gardens and playgrounds

  • Tones: A, H, E - D, E, G - A, H, D, E (pentatonic)
  • Dimensions: 130 x 100 x 20
  • Material: Robinia
  • Incl. mallets
  • Robust and weatherproof
  • Made in Germany

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Please use good speakers or headphones when listening to the videos! The regular, simple speakers in laptops and cell phones are not designed for the low and natural frequencies.

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