Ritual Drums - Cow

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Powerful and dry sound

Traditional building method - regional cow skin

The cow represents the buffalo, the skin is particularly thick and robust. Drum for mother earth. Evenly like the heartbeat. Come into harmony and be thankful. Your drum is your vehicle for contact with the world of "not-knowing".


  • Skin and string: cow (from small farms, partly organic)
  • Wood: wound beech
  • Dimensions: Ø 30-55 cm and oval
  • Accessories: 1 leather mallet
  • Biologically treated with hard wax oil
  • Made in Germany
  • Matching padded bag with eagle embroidery can be ordered separately
sound examples

The sounds vary from drum to drum, depending on the skin. With the sound examples we represent pitch and quality rather than the exact sound of the ordered drum.

Ritual Drum - diameter 30 cm


Ritual Drum - diameter 40 cm


Ritual Drum diameter - 45 cm

more info ...

history, materials, how to play, rituals and full moon drumminglaunch


feeltone on YouTubelaunch

Please use good speakers or headphones when listening to the videos! The regular, simple speakers in laptops and mobile phones are not designed for the low and natural frequencies.

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