Wave drum, fish design, 40 - 55 cm

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    Deceptively real ocean sound - with fishes

    • Robust, weatherproof medium Ocean Drum from Remo
    • Ø 40 to 55 cm drumhead with fish design
    • 7 cm high frame

    Ocean Drums are frame drums covered on one side with a transparent and on the other side with a fish design. Inside are thousands of beads, which visually and acoustically create a deceptively real ocean sound .

    The heads of the Ocean Drum are made of the same material that Remo has been using to make drum heads for over 45 years. They are extremely durable, do not react to humidity and therefore hold their tension in all weather conditions.

    The colorful bodies are constructed from a special material called Acusticon, a mixture of cylindrical cardboard and resins. The manufacturing process is very complex, but the bodies are almost indestructible.

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