Zaphir Blue Moon - Winter

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Winter mood - cozy, comfortable

An enchanting little wind chime with 8 finely pentatonically tuned metal bars in a resonating cylinder made out of resinous cardboard - cozy comfortable sounds.


  • Bluemoon tuning - Winter: D, F, A, B, C, E, A#, C
  • Material: resinous cardboard
  • Marbled colour: random, cannot be chosen
  • Body length: 12,5 cm
  • cannot be hung outdoors

For active play:

Hold the wind chime by the top string and gently move it back and forth: the crystal clear, relaxing sound is enchanting. A breeze also makes it sound, but without becoming intrusive.

The colour cannot be chosen - get surprised (see picture gallery).


There are five tunings:

  • Bluemoon - Winter: D, F, A, B, C, E, A#, C
  • Crystalide- Spring: G, A, B, D, A, G, B, D
  • Sunray - Summer: G#, B, C#, E, G#, E, A, C#
  • Twilight - Autumn: E, G, B, C, E, G, B, C
  • Sufi: F, A, D, F, A, G, A, D

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