Large singing bowls Nepal 4 to 15 kg

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Singing Bowls from 11 to 15 kg can be delivered on request

  • Up to 5.6 kg including cotton ring
  • From 8 kg they are suitable singing bowls for standing and sitting in it. This model are unique pieces and can be delivered on individual request
  • Up to 11 kg immediately available (10 days)

Please ask us for available bowls and prices.

Individually selected by our Nepalese partners and individually packed for transport, these Singing Bowls are subject to the strictest quality control in sound, shape and durability. Thus we guarantee also here a special product.

MORE INFO to 4-8 kg bowls ...

The bowls 4-8 kg are used like all other bowls.

They are always struck at the upper edge of the bowl. The bowl is rubbed on the outside, clockwise, standing on the bare hand. Speed and pressure are decisive for the appearance of the sound. Start slowly, with the thin end of the mallet fully enclosed in your fist and with sufficient pressure. If the sound buzzes, reduce speed. A bowl should always have at least three notes that can be differentiated from each other (from 500 g):

  • 1. struck only with the wood of the mallet, high tone (TKK-1/2/3)
  • 2. rubbed with a leather-wrapped mallet or the bare wood, medium pitch (TKKL-1/2/3)
  • 3. struck with a thick felt mallet, low pitch (BK-1a)

The bowls can be placed on the whole body. It is also possible to press them on certain parts of the body where they do not stand by themselves. In this case the bottom of the bowl is pressed gently against the part of the body with one finger (in case of larger bowls with the whole hand), because the bottom of the bowl itself does not vibrate.
Singing Bowls can be played percussively by turning them over so that the bottom is on top. Now you can play the bowls like gongs or drums with felt mallets when they are placed on a soft surface.

For all Singing bowls we offer you the matching mallets and felt rings from our own production.

more info to bowls up to 8 kg ...

In the bowls up to 8 kg, depending on the foot size, you can also stand, up to 13 kg you can even sit in them. A real feeltone instrument. The vibration flows through the whole body.

The large bowls are also particularly valuable because in the process of moulding the bowl, sometimes it can break at the last moment and all the work was for nothing. So it is a special skill and a big achievement when such a bowl is created.

The bowls are always struck at the upper edge. For the large bowls we recommend a special mallet, the mallet is an important part of the sound experience. It is nessecary that the mallet has the right force in the core, i.e. weight and strength, to move the mass of the bowl and at the same time the impact of this force must not produce its own sound. Therefore, the inner core must be wrapped by many layers of soft materials. The larger the bowl, the larger the mallet must be. We recommend our Sona Sound Mallets starting at size 8, as these specifications are very similar for large gongs and large Singing Bowls. The bowls can also be struck with a fist.

With the Jumbo Bowls it is advisable that a player strikes from the outside and at the same time serves as a support, because the sudden change of awareness may well cause the person being played to move. More experienced and confident people can also take the mallet and play themselves.

The large Jumbo Singing Bowls can be placed on a ring or a cushion for playing, but they should always be placed directly on the floor when placing a person inside.

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